About Us/ "Quienes Somos"

Miss Belleza Puerto Rico Mundial Latina Inc., is a pageant celebrated in Puerto Rico, where latin women have the opportunity to demostrate there intelligence and authentic beauty. Our Queens and Candidates get envolved in different social activities in the communities, in the government, and different causes.

During their year of participation, they choose a cause which they are interested and convey their talents, efforts into that particular cause. This is what distinguishes us from other pageants.......it becomes a learning instrument for each one of them and an opportunity for personal growth.  


   "Miss Belleza Puerto Rico Mundial Latina Inc., es una certamén celebrado en Puerto Rico, donde la mujer Latina tiene la oportunidad de demostrar su inteligencia y belleza. Nuestra Reinas y Candidatas se envuelven en distintas actividades civicas, comunitarias, gubernamentales, benéficas y sociales. Trabajamos una causa benéfica durante el año de participación, es lo que nos convierte en más que un certamén,.....es un instrumento de enseñanza y desarrollo sico-social integral".